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Swimming in florals, drowning in despair

This last year brought many challenges for many people across the globe, and mine pale in comparison to others but it doesn't make me immune to mental health issues that plague many of us. Mental health issues are absolutely normal. There has been stigma around mental health and there shouldn't be. Having mental health needs is something that requires addressing just as openly and normally as health issues like high blood pressure, kidney stones, diabetes, etc. I know myself well enough to know "hey, you are off, whats going on and what do you need to do?" I dont take medication for my plagues because I know, at least for now, how to address my issues and what I am going through naturally. Being creative, and being around creative people is one of the key things that helps lift my moods. Last year, and even now, is quite challenging. We are swimming in negativity all around us, whether it be through hate, politics, race wars, loss of friends and family, illness, loss of livelihood, suicide, murder, stories of despair, loss, depression,,,,,,, it is EVERYWHERE. Finding moments of self care, and positivity is a choice, but sometimes a struggle. We can choose to get swallowed whole by the current world and/or our mental health, or we can drop the stigma and get help or self sooth. Everyone that knows me knows you can probably ask me anything and i will tell you the truth about it if its relating to me. The fact that we are all human and try to hide or ignore the things we are dealing with and going through is doing a dis-service to ourselves and others that need that relational connection. That relational connection that says "oh shit I am not alone." This post, although the message is not wedding related, is about me taking advantage of a industry partners graciousness and kindness to get on the road for some quiet time and drive and seek creativity to refill my cup. I am done, I am ready to have joy in my work and life again through creative outlets and community connection. If you're drowning in despair with a creative wild heart and your flame was put out, find ways to reignite it.

Vendor Credits:

Installation by Ponderosa and Thyme:

White/Cream wedding dress provided by dress shop:

Makeup and hair by me, Lahna

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