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Wedding Color Inspiration

Pantone color of the year is here again! Have you looked at wedding color inspiration yet? That is probably the number one design idea to look at first IMO. Starting with a good color palette is such a great place to start in narrowing down on your theme. Pinterest can be a blessing and a curse when it comes to planning and designing your wedding. It can be a great place to start but if you dont know what colors you would love to have it can be very overwhelming. Starting by thinking about the venue you have chosen. Do you have a urban wedding venue, barn wedding venue. garden wedding venue, or mountain wedding venue? Then consider the time of year you are getting married. Are you getting married in summer, spring, winter or fall? These could play a role in the colors you choose as well.

Pantone year of year puts out a color of the year and it has been long used as a source of inspo for wedding planning for many years! So what is the pantone color of the year for 2024? 13-1023 Peach Fuzz!!!! Peach has been a long popular color. As a matter of fact peach was one of my top must have colors at my very own wedding in 2006. I got married in the summer, in a garden setting, with a vintage yellow farmhouse onsite. So my colors were wildflower color themed which meant peach, purples, pinks, greens, blues. It was colorful, simple, and fun.

I have created some photo grids from my past photoshoots that shows you how you can have a peach themed wedding. Each of these galleries offers a general idea of how each color palette works together. Lets start off with color theme PEACH WHITE and GREEN. Peach white and green is a great summer and spring look.


Color palette number two I put together to highlight what your wedding could look like with peach and purple! Peach and purple can be both a spring and summer color for your wedding palette.


Personally I love the mix of cool and warm tones, that is my absolute favorite so my next set of images I shot and put together will show an overall idea of how peach and blues can look amazing together as well!!! The peach of blue can be a great winter color palette.


Next we are going to keep it all warm, this is a great color palette for fall. Want a softer fall look, this is it! You can incorporate tuscany orange, maroon, peach, mustard yellows, pinks, and all the variants of said colors. It's such a luscious fall vibe!


If you are interested in seeing more of my wedding work just click HERE to view my portfolio, thanks for reading!!!!


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