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Hello! If you have made it this far through my site to take the time to read and learn about me and my business, well, a huge thank you! I love when my clients take time to learn about me and my work because I know how important of an investment this is for you. 

I am not very poetic, and have a very difficult time talking about myself, so I have compiled a list bulleted items that will give you the down low on me... enjoy =) 


I am married

I have two boys

I love animals, I have tons of them

I was born and raised in Southern Oregon

I have been a photographer for almost 10 years

I love history

I love travel

I love my cameras and photographing the world

I have tattoos

I believe in something greater than us

I laugh at my own jokes

I was poor growing up 

Sometimes I slip and say a bad word here and there

I love honest people

I prefer a hug to a handshake

I love to travel and rest my brain

I am a dork 

I take my business VERY seriously 

I respect you, please respect me, I live for this

I am pretty open and on my sleeve, ask me questions



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