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Hello there & thank you for taking the time to inquire with me about your wedding photography needs. I understand that photography is a huge & important investment for your wedding day, so choosing the right photographer is a big decision. That is why I wanted to offer you a personal note about me & my work to make sure that you feel confident in making your decision. It is important that you not only like your photographers work, but ensure that your styles & visions match so all your expectations are met. 


Wedding images are one of the most important aspects of your day. I dont say this because I am a wedding photographer, of course this is my livelihood & I LOVE what I do, but I truly believe this because beyond the memories you have from the day, the images themselves are what you will have to pass down & memorialize your amazing day so you can share them with future generations to come. Taking time to decide & having an informed decision is important, not to rush into your decision.


I also understand budget is a factor in deciding upon your photographer as well, but should not be the deciding factor for your wedding photography as the importance of your day & how it is captured is critical.

As a professional & a LOVER of wedding photography & pretty much all things wedding, I put heart & soul into each client I work with. Along with the business aspect of shooting a wedding, the creative work & investment is what I love most about shooting weddings. 

So how do you know if I am the photographer for you?

Good question! It is not always just about pricing. if it were me out there searching for that perfect fit, the first thing I would look at is style & mood. Am I drawn to the style? What kind of mood does it give off? Is it romantic? Fun? Moody? ..... there are lots of different photographers out there that all offer different styles, different editing style, different shooting & posing styles, as well as different posing styles. On top of that, we all have different backgrounds & personalities. There was a great article put out about pricing film photographers by wedding sparrow I encourage folks to take a min to read here

Next am I drawn to the editing style?

Do I love dark moody & hazy? Or bright & vivid? Light & airy? Contrasty? Skin tones? Look at all of these things and decide what your drawn to most! If your clearly drawn to the photographers work, I would set up a consultation to see that photographers personality & get any questions answered that you may have. It is really important that you are on the same page with your expectations & what you want from your photographer & what to expect. A consult allows you the opportunity to talk about timelines, professional expectations, styles, budgets, payment plans, & details....   It is ok to set up multiple consultations if you find your drawn to more than one photographers style, as a matter of fact it is important to do so because it is such an important decision & big investment for your wedding. 

What photography style am I?

Well this is the biggest question I get during a wedding consultation. I describe my style as romantic & joyful. I strive to bring out the romance of your wedding day, because in my personal & professional opinion I feel it is the most romantic dream day of your lives together. Your most madly in love moment & I want to encapsulate that. Along with the romance though, there is joy, lots and lots of joy! So combining the love & joy is the ultimate goal. Each wedding I approach I photograph it in an approach called "storybook." This means that your final wedding gallery will tell an amazing story of your wedding day from beginning to end, including the details, the venue, the love, the joy, the family, the food, the dancing, the timeless moments among family and friends to your last goodbyes! Imagine the approach as though looking at your wedding through the eyes of someone who was not able to attend you wedding. When they see your final gallery I want them to get the feel and emotion of your wedding day along with the details of your day including your style, design, decor & venue! I photograph every wedding this way no matter if is a backyard wedding, or an estate wedding. Each wedding is unique and has an amazing story to tell, & telling it through my camera is what I love to do.

What can you expect from me & my services?

Each of my clients gets the same attention as the next. Each wedding I approach I shoot it with your style & design in mind. I create & research my specific shots I want to create at your wedding, walk the venue with my couples, develop timelines, discuss wedding details, and so much more. Each wedding day I bring my styling kit that includes all sorts of amazing goodies to help me style and capture your day! Some of the items in my kit are silk ribbons, velvet ring boxes, wedding dress hanger, and more. These are items that just are an added element that help me get you the most out of your wedding day images. I love styling your details in a simplistic clean approach and keep your wedding design and theme consistent with your style and expectations all the while. I love to assist and help my couples come up with designs and ideas for their wedding day style, so please dont hesitate to ask, and check out my personal shop here. Magnolia Rouge Magazine also published a great little article on some fabulous calligraphers and invitation artists HERE if you need inspiration! 

With all this said I hope this gives you a better understanding of me & my professional style & approach. On a final note, I am a destination photographer, even though I am based in Southern Oregon I have competitive destination wedding packages. I would love to consult with you! 

I know this is a lot of reading, if you made it this far, well I am just thankful you read all of that!!!!

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