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Graduation Celebration!

I have got to have one of the greatest jobs there is. Combing joy, fun, and passion with your career is the greatest blessing I could ask for while on this earth. I get to share in the most amazing moments and milestones in peoples lives and feel in that same joy and passion as they step into new journeys in their lives. Just like Gladys and Jasmin here who have so much to celebrate for themselves and with each other! Graduates were given a different graduation rather than a traditional graduation and they spend so much effort and time in creating campus memories and working hard to have that joy of walking there for them at the end of it all. Tragically alot of students felt very deprived of the experience of walking at graduation..... luckily some like these two amazing ladies saw the positives and made moments happen and wanted to document them. This is a VERY big deal for all the students and for these two sisters their individual accomplishments will now be memorialized forever in our amazing photoshoot!

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