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From drab to fab!

Soooooo this is not photography related but I figured I need to blog it somewhere why not here right? I dont share a lot of personal stuff and I am so busy I hardly share in general. I know, its bad, like real bad, but I have been encouraged to reach out more and share insights of my business and life in an effort to help my audience, friends, followers, and everyone just get to know me a bit more. So almost 3 years ago we had to move our of our rental in Central Point. We loved the house and were told we wouldn't have to move for a long long time by the property management company. We were specifically worried about that because we have to move out of our Jacksonville home, and our first Central Point home all after a year, yes that right, only ONE YEAR of being there. This was because the owners would either lose the home or want to sell.

Needless to say we were very upset and exhausted from moving. I think we were more just upset because we had not met our financial savings goal yet to buy the home we wanted and were now forced to move and either 1. Risk going through this again or 2. We could just buy something quickly and take our time and not have to worry about moving again until we were ready. We chose number 2

We found the CUTEST west Medford home. Well it was kinda cute, we had some work to do that was for sure! But we didn't even have this on our list we just happen to be driving around and we drove right by the sweetest white two story with black shutters and roses galore! It was my little dream home! So we stopped immediately and went inside to look with our realtor. I was totally sold but the husband not so much at first = )

I reassured him all would be great and we would make it our own. Well we had a little savings from our journey to save and make a deposit on our forever property, so we decided to use that many to fix this one up.

During the time of fixing up we lived in one room for 3 months straight sleeping on cots on the floor and eating nasty fast food. The food was the hardest part, other than that it was like having a slumber party for 3 months straight LOL

Most of the remodel was cosmetic but here is what I did end up capturing for the before shots


Google maps view from years before we bought


Here is some of our demo work of our home and AIRBNB guest house! We actually ended up raising the entire kitchen floor by about 8 inches, pulled out the L shaped island the stove was in and moved it, handled a bit of termite and carpenter ant damage, repainting entire home, adding antique tin tiles to the dining room, added antique industrial beams, refinishing the stairs in the entire upstairs, adding carpet to the staircase and opening it up, all new lighting and hardware throughout! Our next mission is to add french doors to the downstairs master bedroom that lead out to the deck outside and added a very cool old vintage door to our coat closet. Its a never ending project because ideas are plentiful!


At the time we bought our house we also were blessed with a cool little guest house in the back. We never had any intentions to do anything with it except to make it an office but due to the amount of termite and carpenter ant damage we had to invest the last of our savings into fixing the guest house up. We now have it listed on AIRBNB you can view HERE



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