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Rylee sweetest 16

When Rylee's momma contacted me for a sweet 16 I was super excited to meet them! Momma had expressed how creative Rylee was and how much she just loved my photography. I actually met mom and Rylee in the parking lot of Traders Joes. At the time Covid still had the coffee houses and eateries closed down so we had no way of having a comfortable safe meeting in a public place so the parking lot it is. I like to try and meet my clients face to face when possible before shoots because it helps us get our expectations set and we dont feel like strangers on the day of the shoot! I had explained to Rylee that I wanted to order a starburst crown like I had seen in one of my all time favorite shows "Schitts Creek". Rylee was all for it. We set our date and met in Ashland her sweet 16 shoot and the fun began from there! Oh PS Rylee is in Ballet so we got some GLORIOUS shots of her on the mountain top!

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