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Destination Wedding

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Elizabeth and Jordan have to be one of the most gracious couples I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing even though they had some HUGE road bumps due to covid restrictions. This couple and their family flew all in from Alabama to share in their wedding day at Scott River Camp due to the significant and special meaning this place held for the couple. Six days before the wedding ceremony the venue called and cancelled their wedding due to a covid staff infection. This was utterly devastating news to the couple as the entire family was staying at the lodge in Northern California.

Elizabeth and her family quickly pulled together and rallied around the couple and created an utterly amazing wedding day for them despite the hiccups. They were still able to get married on site at the lodge and then departed for a lovely wedding reception here in Southern Oregon at Belle Fiore Winery. All all Elizabeth and Jordan were glowing, happy, and in love. They accepted their fate with grace and pushed forward with a beautiful wedding day and reception. Sometimes things are out of our control and leaning into the circumstances and rising from the ashes is what they did. I am happy to share this glorious graceful wedding couple with you today. See more of my wedding work on my website.

Northern California Wedding Photographer, Scott River Lodge

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