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Dreamy Beach

The Oregon coast is so so unpredictable, and planning a shoot there takes patience and planning. We have tried time and time again to develop this vision and have struck out each time. This soft grey bridal inspired shoot was a dream of ours that almost didn't become a reality but sometimes when dealing with the Oregon coast weather you have to roll with the punches and thats exactly what we did. Anyone that styles and plans shoots knows its just part fo the territory. I have been styling shoots now for over 6 years and there is no PERFECT styled shoot =) but we love what we captured and here is a little taste of our quick day before we got rained out! One of the things that we had to do was divide the images into three separate days of shooting for this reason. I shot the cake on one date, the coast on another date, and the details on another date LOL what we do for the love of photography! Am I right photographers????

Model: Mckayla


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