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A little flavor of my family photo sessions!

Several years ago I was extremely overwhelmed trying to juggle my work life balance and I made an announcement that I would no longer be offering family photos. I had many families that had been clients of mine for many years through their engagement to wedding to maternity birth, baby and family! So this news was a little heartbreaking for some understandably. I couldn't find a way to juggle it all and I was very busy with weddings so I had to let something go. By this time I had already stopped photographing newborn photo sessions, so family photography seemed like the next logical step in it all.

Through the news of quitting family photos I actually had clients reach out to me privately and ask if I could still shoot just their family =) I caved of course as it was also hard for me to let some of these families go as well. I had asked they just dont tag me on social media so people wouldn't contact me for photographing families.

Some time went by and I found that I really missed all my families so here I am again, back at the family photography. One thing I also still miss is having my studio which we are going to be working on very soon here at our home yay!!!

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