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"help!!!! I HATE MY CAMERA"

Join us for this two hour down and dirty instructional workshop that will teach you how to take the images you want! Food? Kids? Flowers? Nature? I am going to show you some basics so you can stop getting blurry images, over exposed images, sharp images, dark images etc. There are simple rules to photography and tips and tricks that I wish I knew right up front when I first got my camera. This class is for extreme beginners who just wanna get started taking decent photos!!! This will give you that foundation. This is not for pocket cameras! This is for the DSLR kit camera ya'll got for Christmas and now you hate the camera but romanticized about the idea when you first got it! Yep I can help!!!! This 2 hour instructional will be held at my studio and is $45 Once you book the fee is non refundable after 72 hours. By booking you agree.... thanks!!!!! Studio location and contact information can be found on my contact page. 

What will you need to bring: 

Your camera

Notepad & Pen


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